High Risk Business Security

A|H Risk Solutions has a world renowned team of experienced analysts and operators specializing in high risk security solutions from paramilitary operations and training, mobile security escorts, surveillance and counter surveillance, managing kidnap, ransom and extortion incidents, and advising domestic and international business and government leaders in high risk high threat situations.  

Having well thought out and executed protection strategies and contingency plans can be all the difference from becoming a target of opportunity. In-depth physical and logical security risk assessments and services of business locations, offices in high tension geopolitical areas, and patterns of life, are critical steps in effective security risk mitigation. Long gone are the days where security officers and barriers were effective security strategies. A holistic security risk strategy contains multiple avenues and services that might be required after reviewing and implementing people, processes, designs, and technologies for a total security risk solution.


A|H Risk Solutions assessments and services will help determine your businesses security risk posture by identifying the vulnerabilities and the likelihood of impacts causing potentially severe consequences for lacking security measures and gaps, and help prioritize the appropriate protective actions to take.


Assessments and services can be done on multiple venues, specific geopolitical environments, high-value artifacts, to include business executive's residence, office locations, special event locations, and other locations deemed necessary. 


Security Risk Services:

  • Domestic and International High Risk Security 

  • Executive and Close Protection Operations

  • Kidnap Ransom, and Extortion Incident Management 

  • Geopolitical Monitoring

  • Country Risk Reports

  • Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM)

  • Paramilitary Operations and Training

  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

  • Social Media Exploitation

  • High-Value Artifacts Security and Transportation