About Us

The company’s name “A|H” within the spearhead logo comes from Greek mythology with deep personal meaning that represents the founder’s core motivation for pursuing his passion. The letter (A) stands for Ares, the Greek God of War, and the letter (H) stands for Hannibal, the genius of strategy. Having navigated extreme and intensive risk environments for over two decades, adapting and continually conquering risk enriched environments to aid and coach others in the art of minimizing risk and consequently maximizing opportunities for business success, A|H is perfectly positioned to help you identify and mitigate every kind of risk that threatens your business.

The spearhead logo derives its meaning from the concept of serving at the tip of the spear as part of the US Army Special Operations, an elite fighting force, in which the founder was groomed while serving in hundreds of unconventional warfare and counterterrorism operations during the on-going Global War on Terrorism. Finally, the hammered forged effect within the logo depicts the core belief of our company that every business is constantly molded and shaped by each of its experiences to make it what it is, better and stronger every day than the day before.   


A|H Risk Solutions is made up of elite strategists and tacticians specializing in cyber security and high-risk business security operations. A|H Risk Solutions’ operatives have combated some of the world’s most highly challenging situations and are utilizing the experience to further protect and defend our clients’ business critical infrastructures. To find out more about how we can help protect your business, contact us below.